Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome Back

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the Human Terrain System (HTS) Statement. Discussions on this topic were so lively that we want to continue to use this blog to encourage public conversations on a broad range of AAA public affairs activities.

The newly named, "AAA Public Affairs" blog will function as an interactive space where AAA staff can share information and receive questions and feedback on AAA policy and advocacy efforts, statements and resolutions, public policy briefs, and commission activities.

By actively participating, you can share your knowledge and help guide future AAA policy and advocacy actions. We appreciate your courteous comments and look forward to many more lively conversations.


Unknown said...

I want to contribute my thoughts here. I have been working in Afghanistan and Pakistan for over 10 years, using medical anthropological insights to develop ways to deal with PTSD. It is very important for anthropologists to avoid being associated with military actions. It puts everyone in danger when this happens. I cannot stress how dangerous this makes work for the rest of us--those who work with the local populations and have no connection to the military.

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